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cesar salad (veg/chicken/prawn)

crisp romaine lettuce with creamy ceaser dressing with paneer tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori prawns

green salad

handpicked fresh onion, tomato, carrot, cucumber, lemon and green chilli with hung curd dip

summer cooler salad

crunchy iceberg lettuce & summer vegetables tossed with lemon cilantro dressing

green apple and broken wheat

layered green apple slices tossed with broken wheat & pomegranate in lemon vinaigrette

chakna set

typical mumbai street snacks of three

masala corn

bengaluru, jola tindi

nacho bhel

chef’s creation of mexican & indian chaat

veg nacho's

homemade nachos topped with cooked beans & molten cheese served with fresh homemade salsa choose from veg / chicken

cheese sticks

batons of amul crumbed & deep fried to melt

schzwan babycorn

crunchy fried baby corn tossed with oriental red sauce

achari mushroom tikka

mushroom marinated in indian pickle and cooked in clay oven

malai mushroom tikka

over night ,rich creamy marinated mushroom, cooked in tandor

mushroom ontorio

creamy garlic tossed mushroom served with garlic bread

onion rings

batter fried spicy lord of the ‘o’ rings served with garlic mayo

paneer tikka

tandoori cooked spiced indian cottage cheese

cajun potato

hand picked baby potatoes fried & topped with cajun spiced

corn cheese cigar roll

wonton rolled corn & cheese fried and served with spicy mayo

chilly pepper paneer

fresh indian cheese leaped the wall and turned chinese

veg sheek kebab

minced seasonal vegetables skewered and cooked in clay oven

veg galouthi kebab

amritsari smoked veg tikkies

potato skin

handpicked new potatoes baked and loaded with cheese veg / chicken

chicken popcorn

succulent pieces of crumbed chicken bites

grandma chicken

manna hintina kodi

chicken 65

boneless spicy chunks of chicken

chicken cheese cigar roll

deep fried chicken stuffed wonton role served with spicy mayo

koli chips

thinly slice chicken fried like chips coated with finger licking seasoning

tandoori chicken lollypop

chicken lollypop marinated overnight in special indian spices & cooked in clay oven

mangalorian roast chicken/lamb

typical mangalore an juicy boneless chicken roasted & simmered in rich desi ghee

chicken wings (bbq/buffalo/chipotle)

spicy chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauce

murgh tikka

the quintessential indian classic chicken tikka

chicken kalmi

chicken drummers hammered and marinated overnight in special spices & cooked in indian oven

achari chicken

boneless succulent pieces of chicken marinated in indian pickle and cooked to perfection

chicken puchka

famous north indian street food boating with murgh

mirapakai chicken

spiced to hell with green chilies chicken

mutton sheek kebab

minced lamb over night marinated and smoked with indian spice cooked in tube shape in tandoor

kerala style lamb

chettan style favourite south indian style lamb preparation

mutton boti kebab

indian marinated lamb chunks cooked in tandoor served with mint chutney

chilly coriander fish

batter fried fish wok tossed with chili & coriander sauce

ajwaini fish tikka

tandoori cooked fish flavoured with carom seeds (ajwain)

fish fingers

a classic deep fried coated fish served with dip

apollo fish

batter fried fish pan tossed to indian taste

tandoori pomfret/tawa

white pomfret, coated & soaked in homemade indian spices & cooked in indian oven

tandoori prawn

cleaned prawns marinated in handpicked indian masala roasted in tandoor

bacon wrapped prawn

( grilled starter made of smoked bacon wrap prawns served with wasabi mayo

panko crusted prawn

lemon & mustard marinated & panko coated , fried prawns

hot basil prawn

spicy basil flavored wok tossed prawn

crispy lamb

crispy stripes of lamb, wok tossed with hoisin sauce

royyala vepudu

descaled prawns tossed with rich homemade south indian spices

veyinchina mamsam

juicy lamb pieces cooked & reduced in the desi spices & served

gongura chicken wings

local greens spiced chicken wings

chicken annam

typical home style chicken tossed rice

chennai in vizag ( veg / chicken)

combi of rice, dal & curry

tandoori mila-jula (veg / non veg)

mutton sheek kebabs + mutton tikka + kastoori kebab + achaari chicken

tandoori mila-jula (veg)

veg sheek kebabs + paneer tikka + achaari mushroom + paneer chilli / veg galouti kebab

seafood platter

fish tikka + apollo fish + tandoori prawns + jeera coriander prawns

mini burger platter (veg / non veg)

specialty of serving ½ dozen mini burgers varies from choice of veg / chicken

margarita pizza

classic plain pizza with tomato sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil taste good as it is

exotic veg

pizza with tomato sauce, seasonal exotic vegetables baked to perfection

cottage cheese bell pepper

pizza topped with pizza sauce, seasoned cottage cheese, onion, bell peppers and black olives

bbq chicken

pizza topped with homemade bbq sauce, mozzarella cheese, marinated grill chicken and bell peppers

seafood /meat fest

pizza topped with loads of mix meat/ seafood & drizzle of bbq sauce

chicken tikka

Italian-Indian variant of pizza topped with pizza sauce, chicken tikka, onion and fresh green chili

spaghetti aglio olio (veg / chicken / prawn)

long tube pasta coated with olive oil, garlic and chili flakes

spaghetti pesto (veg / chicken / prawn)

long pasta tossed with basil pesto, flavored with garlic, parmesan & olive oil

penne arrabiata (veg / chicken / prawn)

short pasta tossed with rich tomato sauce flavored with more garlic & chili flakes

penne alfredo (veg / chicken / prawn)

pasta tossed in rich cheese sauce

mac n cheese (veg / chicken / prawn)

classic macaroni pasta baked with cheese sauce & topped with parmesan

parmesan crusted chicken

panko crumbed fried chicken topped with parmesan cheese served with fries and spicy tomato sauce

grill herb chicken

mediterranean fresh herb marinated juicy grilled chicken served with mash potato, sautéed green vegetable and brown sauce

cajun grill fish

cajun spice marinated grilled fish served with mash potato, vegetables and creamy sauce

grill fish with lemon olive oil

mustered marinated grilled fish with mash and lemon olive sauce

tacos (veg / nonveg)

mini mexico in crispy corn tortilla

quesadilla (veg / nonveg)

flour tortillas stuffed with sautéed vegetables/smoked chicken mince, cheese, onions & jalapeño. served with salsa & sour cream

grilled pepper steak

overnight marinated boneless leg of chicken grilled & served with mash potato, garlic tossed steamed vegetables and au-jus

triple schzwan veg and chicken

mix of rice & noodle tossed with schezwan , veg / chicken

nasi gorean (veg / chicken)

indonesian fried rice with fried egg choice of veg / chicken

goan curry (fish / prawn)

typical home made goan curry flavored with kokum & coconut milk

burnt garlic fried rice / noodles

garlic flavored rice / noodle with black pepper sauce

pan fried noodles with black pepper sauce (veg / chicken)

pan fried noodle topped with veg / chicken

chicken biryani

hyderabad style chicken biryani served with raita and salan

kheema with ladi pav

desi mutton kheema cooked with typical indian spicest & served with ladi pav

irony mutton rogan josh with tava paratha / jeera rice

juicy cubes of lamb cooked overnight with north indian spices & served with rice/paratha

murgh tikka makhani with tava paratha / jeera rice

tandori chicken tikka cooked along with makhani & served with rice/paratha

hill ka dal with tava paratha / jeera rice

lentils slow cooked with spices on slow flame to extract the aroma& served with rice /paratha

paneer tikka makhani with tava paratha / jeera rice

tandori paner cooked with makhani gravy & served with rice/paratha

cheese garlic bread

chilly cheese tost

crispy open bread pizza

galouti burger

lamb mince patty flavored with 3 peppers & cheese stuffed, grilled to perfection

chicken club sandwich

classic club sandwich with roast chicken, bacon & fried egg

veg club sandwich

classic veg with lettuce & seasonal vegees

veg burger

mix veg patty,with veg mayo spread & onion& tomato, served with cheese

croque monsier

creamy chicken & cheese with over easy

chicken burger

minced chicken inspired & infused with thai herbs & spices , served with chilli mayo

chicken steak burger

chicken boneless leg,infused with black pepper& served with lettuce& cheese





tava paratha